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Founded in 1921 by the renowned lawyer and politician Enrique Alcalde Cruchaga, subsequent generations of the family have continued his legacy respecting the same spirit and principles. Alcalde & Cía’s main office is located in the city of Santiago with a collaborative network covering the whole country. Furthermore, the firm has formed strategic alliances with prestigious law firms in Europe and Latin America.

Alcalde & Cía provides integrated, legal consultancy with the highest standards of excellence.

Áreas de prácticas

Public Works Concessions

The area of concessions is a specialism of Alcalde & Cía having transformed itself alongside the main concession companies into the industry leaders and national role model for infrastructure and concession work consultancy.

Foreign Investment

The Study has in-depth, consultancy experience, working with both individuals and entities across all issues related to foreign investment in Chile.

For decades, the company has supported important European companies who have decided to invest in the country, offering integrated consultancy from initial project set-up, funding, entry and repatriation of capital, to complete project execution.

Litigation and Arbitration

The area of litigation and arbitration boasts professional experts in the topics of consumer rights, free competition, labour and corporate judicial defence, and special tribunal proceedings.